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For Quick Information Release: June 8, 2022


Dept. of Agriculture Advisory Committee to Take into consideration Import Allow on Thursday 

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(HONOLULU) – Inspite of misinformation circulating on social media, the importation of “incompatible-male” mosquitoes to management populations of wild mosquitoes and to save four indigenous chook species from extinction, does not include the use of any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or genetically engineered (GE) organisms.

On Thursday, the Plant and Animal Advisory Committee of the Dept. of Agriculture will think about listing three species of mosquitoes on its Limited Species List A. The listing would allow for the importation of 3 species of mosquitoes, all of which are already existing in Hawai‘i. 1 of these, the Southern House Mosquito (Culex quinquefasciatus) isresponsible for sharp declines in the populations of lots of honeycreeper species on Kaua‘i, Maui, and Hawai‘i Island. The other two species – Yellow Fever Mosquito (Aedes aegypti) and Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus) – transmit human conditions.

A collection of companies and companies performing below the Birds, Not Mosquitoes partnership, strategy to introduce a mosquito birth control into fowl habitats to try out and prevent avian malaria from killing the final remaining populations of these birds…some of which have less than 100 folks in the wild and are envisioned to go extinct in a lot less than two a long time.

The delivery manage technique utilizes male mosquitoes (which do not chunk) with a pressure of a bacterium identified as Wolbachia that is incompatible with the strain of Wolbachia at the moment located in wild mosquitoes in Hawaiʻi. When these male mosquitoes mate with ladies in the forest, the mosquito eggs do not hatch and the mosquito populace sizing drops. No genes are modified in the mosquito or in the Wolbachia microorganisms.

This mosquito delivery handle solution is remaining properly utilized in 15 various nations around the world, which include on the continental U.S. The Birds, Not Mosquitoes partnership is guided by the State’s top rated experts and researchers, who collectively have a lot of decades of experience learning Hawaiʻi’s forest birds and mosquitoes. In accordance to Birds, Not Mosquitoes, “We need these Wolbachia-incompatible male mosquitoes to be outlined so that importation can commence.”

Landscape-scale handle of ailment-carrying mosquitoes is regarded as the most urgent conservation concern in Hawai‘i. A the latest U.S. Office of Interior report estimated ‘akikiki on Kaua‘i are possible to go extinct in 2023, and the ʻākohekohe, kiwikiu, and ʻakekeʻe, quickly right after that. Facts from the Birds, Not Mosquitoes team notes, “The extinction of the Hawaiian honeycreepers is getting driven by exposure to avian conditions transmitted by non-indigenous mosquitoes. Local climate alter is making it possible for non-indigenous, disease-carrying mosquitoes to invade increased elevation forests, which was beforehand the past sickness-cost-free habitat where the honeycreepers have been safe and sound.”

The specifics:

  • The Culex/Wolbachia approach is not genetic modification or genetic engineering
  • The Culex species associated is already in Hawai‘i
  • The Wolbachia microbes staying implanted by now takes place in Hawai‘i
  • The only change is the pressure of Wolbachia remaining implanted at the moment takes place in another mosquito genus (Aedes).
  • The different Wolbachia strains in Culex will make the male and woman mosquitos deliver infertile eggs.

DLNR Chair Suzanne Scenario stated, “It’s disappointing that some people today are misinforming others by saying this is using GMOs or GEs. These are not genetically modified or engineered organisms. The proposed procedure does not modify the genes of mosquitoes or Wolbachia. It is very similar procedure to having anti-biotics, then ingesting professional-biotics, to swap the current neighborhood of bacteria with a diverse group inside your belly.”

All a few of the mosquitoes are recognized to have human ailments in Hawai‘i. Listing the species will permit the Office of Overall health to utilize this resource to cut down populations of mosquitoes of overall health concern in a risk-free, specific way, with out the use of chemical insecticides.

The Birds, Not Mosquitoes partnership is inquiring folks to send out supportive testimony for listing the a few species of mosquitoes no later on than 4 p.m. currently. Post testimony to Mr. Jonathan Ho, Inspection and Compliance Segment Main, [email protected] or Fax to (808) 832-0582.

Make sure you include “Hawai‘i Plant and Animal Advisory Committee on Proposal to Include 3 Mosquito Species to List of Limited Animals” in the topic line.

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